Our Clients

Cleaning Services

Trained and experienced cleaners and executives whom work closely with our valuable client.

ACMV Maintenance

To enhance our commercial cleaning team onsite, we have in-house trainer to train our cleaner to handle basic ACMV servicing so we can be more efficient and cost saving.

Electrical Maintenance

To better assist onsite technician, we have floating teams always stand-by to assist onsite technician for emergency case and we provide our own system of fault reporting to our client for more efficient work flow.

Building Addition and Alterations

To spice up our services, we have partnership with W Construction Pte Ltd to enhance our integrated services provided to our Client on any A&A or R&R building works.

Why Work with Us

We are One-Stop Intergrated Service Provider

To bring convenience to our Client, throughout the years in the cleaning industry, we have grown to provide more services in order to meet the demand of our Client. As such, we are proud to be able to fulfill our mission. Nevertheless, we are always striving to integrate technology into our work flow for all the services we provided so we can be more efficient and more cost saving.

Our Certifications

2K Services Pte Ltd

Safety is our top priority